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We are not old enough to vote yet, but we wholeheartedly endorse our Papa in running for City Council because he is kind, hard working, makes good decisions, and will support the community.  We love him very much, and we know he will make decisions that benefit the city as a whole.  He brings great ideas to the table, and makes an effort to take everyone's opinions into account.  He's also had lots of experience in both being on the City Council and in problem solving (he has seven grand kids).  We hope you'll vote for Bob Carling for City Council!

                                - Noa and Demri (granddaughters)

I am endorsing Bob because has proven himself to be an effective and dedicated community representative on the Council. He has a sharp analytical focus on finding solutions and he listens to the public to build consensus.


                    - John Marchand, Livermore Mayor

I have known Bob for a long time and have always valued his friendship and his many outstanding qualities. Bob is kind, thoughtful, honest, fair and hard working. He has a heart for our community, and for public service. I have personally been involved with him in Boy Scouts, a local bike build, packaging meals for third world countries, and other service projects. He shows up on time and goes over and above.He respects the rights of others and is an excellent listener. He has done an excellent job as a council member and I heartily endorse his candidacy to continue serving our community.

                      - Sue Miller, retired teacher

I have know Bob for more than 40 years as a colleague and co-worker at Sandia National Laboratories and write in support of his re-election bid for Livermore City Council representing District 4. Voters need only to review previous Council meetings to understand the thoughtful and reasoned approach he brings to issues that affect us all. His advocacy for the downtown development plan stands as an example of his leadership ability and his willingness to work hard for the betterment of the City. Beyond his Council responsibilities, Bob gives freely of his time to all manner of civic and charatible activities. Livermore would do well to re-elect Bob to the City Council.

                         - Steve Goods

We have known Bob Carling for years. He knows this town, our district, and Livermore recent history well. In his role as City Council Member, he is always thoughtful, willing to thoroughly examine a problem or situation, avoiding hasty judgements, and yet is willing and able to act decisively when needed. Bob Carling is the person we feel best prepared to represent our district.

                      - Helen Machuga & John Hinton

I think Bob has done a good job on the Livermore City Council. He listens to Livermore citizens, and, I think, is concerned about improving the quality of life for all in Livermore. His years as an employee and manager at Sandia National Laboratories have honed his ability to analyze complex issues and communicate effectively with the community. I think he will continue to be an asset to the Council. I plan to vote for him.

                       - Saundra Lormand

I have known Bob as a colleague and a friend since our family moved to Livermore in the mid-70s. As he demonstrated in his long career at Sandia, Bob has considerable skills, including listening closely and respectfully to diverse views on complex subjects and making sound decisions. On the Council, Bob works hard on our behalf to prepare for and effectively engage on all issues. He distills facts from opinions and speaks succinctly. Bob works well with his colleagues, asking probing questions to move the discussion forward and improve focus on key issues, enabling wise decision making. We especially appreciate Bob’s efforts to engage the diversity of our community and the empathy that he shows for others by choosing to devote extra time to the City’s support for low-income housing and improving resources for the homeless. Bob has well earned a second term on our City Council.

                        - Don Hardesty

Integrity, wisdom, empathy and a commitment to value different perspectives...all things needed to effectively lead and all qualities that Bob Carling has in abundance! At a time such as this we need leaders who care more about their community/constituents than they do election results and I believe Bob Carling is just such a leader. He will be tenacious in seeking to do what's right and has the experience necessary to guide our city through what will surely be a unique time. Join me in voting for Bob Carling for Livermore City Council

                       - Steve Wilde

We have known Bob Carling since our now adult children were in grammar school together. We are impressed by the exceptional technical and management skills he brings to the City of Livermore. However, one of his greatest attributes in his genuine concern for the community and its citizens. This makes him uniquely qualified to represent us as a Council member. His past performance on the City Council has shown that his top priority is the concerns of the citizens with the goal of building a better Livermore. As Livermore is confronted with so many ongoing issues, his continuing leadership is a huge plus for the City of Livermore.

                       - Dottie and Norman Hong

He fairly represents all of his constituents and decides conscientiously

                        - Bill Nebo  

 I am voting for Bob Carling because he has demonstrated calm, reasonable, thoughtful and responsible leadership as a member of the City Council. This has contributed toward progress for the City and for the Community during the last 4 years. He carefully weighs pros and cons of an issue, keeping the "big picture" in mind. I respect his ability to see opportunity for the City and the community and his willingness to be diligent when deliberating important matters. We are in good hands with Bob on the Livermore City Council.

                        - Dawn Argula

Mayor Marchand stated Bob's qualifications so well. What more can I say. I feel fortunate that Bob will be my District 4 council representative.

                        - Kathy Brooks, retired teacher

Why I'm voting for Bob: Bob is a person of integrity and is both attentive and supportive of his community.

                         - Lauri and Marty McFadden

Bob is a wonderful member of the city council and we will all benefit from his continued presence on the council. He is a dedicated and caring public servant, focused on creating a better, inclusive community. He works hard, studying issues, analyzing alternatives and listening to the public before deciding on a recommended course of action. It's hard to imagine a better representative.

                         - George Miller

Bob is extremely conscientious and studies the issues before deciding. He is fair and has the community's interest at heart. Couldn't ask for a better Council member.

                           - Anne and Cory Coll

I appreciate Bob's thoughtful approach to issues. He researches, listens, and analyzes the data to arrive at decisions. His willingness to take time to talk with homeless people in our community is one example of his dedication to meet the needs of all residents of Livermore. He doesn't shy away from difficult problems but looks at them from all sides and works toward fair solutions. Livermore benefits from his attention to detail and desire to serve the community.

                         - Pat Boyle

I have known Bob for many years. He is a person of integrity and always puts the interests of his constituents first. I strongly support his re-election.

                           - Carol Lokke

I've watched Bob in action at Council meetings and appreciate his thoughtful reactions to citizens and the discussion. His experience speaks for itself and I appreciate his commitment to the community.

                             - Kat Weiss

As long term residents of Livermore, we have known Bob and his family for over 35 years. We know him to be honest, intelligent, conscientious, fair-minded and friendly. We trust him as our representative on city council because he does his homework on the issues and has the best interests of the Livermore community at heart. We are delighted that he has chosen to run for a second term of office. Please join us in voting for Bob Carling for District 4 Council Representative.

                              - Raymie and Dave Tindle

Bob has been a resident of his district for many years. He is aware of community problems as well as community assets. He is thoughtful and carefully studies issues. We feel confident that he will continue to represent our area in the best way possible. We will vote for Bob for city council.

                                 - Fred and Nancy Fritsch

Bob has been a resident of his district for many years. He is aware of community problems as well as community assets. He is thoughtful and carefully studies issues. We feel confident that he will continue to represent our area in the best way possible. We will vote for Bob for city council.

                                   - Sharon and Mohammed Abri



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