In Livermore we are experiencing the same challenge being faced by people everywhere--a worldwide pandemic.  We all must do our part in an effort to control COVID-19 by wearing masks, observing social distancing, and washing our hands on a regular basis. The health and safety of our community is primary, so let each of us do all we can to slow the pandemic.

I strongly support the creation of the equity and inclusion working group established by Mayor Marchand.  This group, consisting of a diversity of Livermore residents, will examine police processes and procedures and, reporting to city council, will seek approval for meaningful changes.  The working group will also consider how the city can support additional inclusive behavior in hiring practices, promotion opportunities, and membership on advisory boards, to highlight just a few of many areas where improvements can be made.

The response to the pandemic and equity and inclusion, two priorities of the city council, don't limit the commitment of our council to continue to improve the quality of life for all Livermore residents.  Specifically, we need to take the next steps in implementing the Downtown Plan.  These next steps include the opening of Stockman's Park and the extension of the current parking garage by the addition of 250 parking spots.  Upon completion of these projects, other developments will begin:  an upscale hotel next to the Bankhead, science and arts facilities, workforce housing, new retail/restaurants adjacent to Stockman''s Park, and a 500 space parking garage facing L Street.

A group of Livermore residents are currently engaged in updating our Climate Action Plan.  I look forward to learning of their recommendations detailing what we can do as a city to reduce carbon emissions.

Over the last couple of years, a council colleague and I have served on the Homeless Subcommittee.  We have helped our unsheltered neighbors by listening to their needs and delivering additional services.  There is more to do and I am committed to seeking resources and examine thoughtful, yet innovation answers to ease the burden of homelessness.

There are many other resident concerns of which a council member must be cognizant, as we make decisions which impact all residents.  I have the expertise and experience to provide continuity over the next four years as we emerge from the pandemic, update our policing practices, support diversity and inclusion, celebrate the next development of our vibrant downtown, implement carbon emission reductions, and improve the well being of our most vulnerable residents.  Please join me in moving our remarkable city forward.  I appreciate your support.

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